edSPIRIT is a fully self-managed SaaS platform, powered by the Open edX Platform,
which offers flexible pricing plans for different sized organizations. edSPIRIT
is dedicated to providing accessible learning for education in the future.
Customers can launch your own branded education platform within minutes.
We have contributed a lot in Arabic and right-to-left languages, as well as the
developments side of the platform, within the Open edX community. edSPIRIT
will continue to contribute our technological expertise and industrial
experiences to promote Open edX technology in the e-learning world.
 SaaS Plan: Starter, Premium, Enterprise
 Key Features: 

 Cloud subscription
 Managed Hosting
 Custom domain
 Single Sign-On
 Multi-Language
 Certificates 
 Zoom integration
 Accessibility
 Course Planning
 Publishing Calendar
 Access management
 Social Feature
 Interactive Assets
 Third-party Plug-ins
 And many more …