Graspway is the EdTech platform powered by OpenSistemas with the objective of building an all-round product and marketplace, in order to build data-driven online learning processes, which improves and develops the skills and knowledge of people in organizations. A large number of organizations already use the Open edX software and WordPress with Graspway, as the technological basis for their in-company training or online course catalogue.

The product is built on the needs of many clients and users, and is composed by integrating the Open edX platform and WordPress. In addition to the Open edX platform and WordPress, Graspway also provides a Control Center that allows the user to manage contents, download stats and analytics, provide students with course recommendations, and much more!

Get every training scenario covered with one single Learning Management System (LMS):

Holistic management

You’ll control the platform in an integrated way – with the Open edX software you’ll organise your courses, with WordPress you’ll manage your content and corporate image and with our Control Center you’ll have a holistic view of everything that’s going on.

Highest Scalability

Start with a smaller number of students and grow along the way. That’s fine. You can always increase the number of users in the future as much as you want.

Analytics and stats

The best way of improving is studying the numbers. Don’t you think? You’ll have reports and stats of your students’ progress and courses. Our advanced metrics will allow you to see which courses are generating the most interest and demand.


Who said showing off is bad? Through our Control Center you’ll manage students, courses and certifications. Our platform allows students to download their certifications in the blink of an eye. As simple as that.

No code, just activate and use it

This has been an ongoing obsession for the team since we started designing Graspway. It’s not always easy to launch, run and maintain an e-learning platform even if it’s based on the Open edX platform – which is great and really easy to use! We wanted a product that absolutely everyone and all kinds of audiences could activate and use – in a few minutes and with just a few clicks – and we’ve achieved it, without losing any of the power of the Open edX platform and adding the simplicity and ease of WordPress and of our Control Center. All the power in just one place, with quick accessibility and very user friendly.

Our partnership with the Open edX team started in 2019. Graspway has been present at international events like the WebSummit 2018 at Lisbon or the Open edX Conf 2019 at UC San Diego. Graspway has also sponsored the 2021 Open edX virtual conference.