Groove eLearning Solutions helps you deliver quality online training by leveraging the Open edX® platform. The Open edX® platform is a best-of-breed online learning management system (LMS) founded by Harvard and MIT and trusted by universities, enterprises, and training organizations globally.

Our experienced team of EdTech developers at Groove Technology will deliver an on-demand learning experience to help organizations grow and thrive. In other words, we provide customizable learner experience reflects organization unique brand identity and preferences.

What we offer


One of the biggest challenges facing modern organisations is keeping pace with ever-changing IT trends. Successful companies need to be agile and adaptable to rapidly changing technologies, standards and practices. Traditional learning and teaching methods are not sufficient for technology firms who need fast, reliable and effective training solutions for their staff and customers. The Groove eLearning Solutions approach to enterprises uniquely designed to meet the needs of the enterprises and academic purposes.


Teachers, instructors, tutors and professors alike understand how complicated it can be to effectively coordinate educational activities for large numbers of geographically distributed students.

Groove eLearning Solutions provides the tools to enable any number of students from anywhere in the world to receive tutoring, private teaching and participate in K12 and university level education.


Successful manufacturing businesses are focused on continuously improving the quality and speed of their production lines. The most successful understand that the most effective way to improve each is to invest in the people working on the production lines.

Groove eLearning Solutions provides the tools you need to provide your staff with the training they need.


The key to a successful franchise is consistency in approach, product, service and culture.

As the franchise business grows and expands special attention must be paid to motivate the workforce to operate an behave in a consistent, repeatable manner.

A Groove eLearning Learning Management System (LMS) enables you to provide franchisees and employees with world-class, highly engaging, repeatable training activities.


Healthcare workers require ongoing, continuous training and qualifications to keep up with the fast-paced Healthcare environment and provide patients with the best possible treatment.

In such an environment, preparation is essential. Groove eLearning Solutions enables healthcare organisations to provide healthcare workers with the training and preparation they deserve.

Health & Safety

Ensuring the health and safety of employees is the most important responsibility of modern organisations.

Educating the workforce of the ever-changing risks, rules and regulations is a never-ending endeavour.

Groove eLearning Solutions puts the tools in your hands to provide your employees with the training they need to keep themselves and their colleagues safe and compliant.