Unify is highly experienced in Open edX Hosting, Configuration, Customization, Management, and Scaling. We ensure hassle-free Open edX Deployment on Azure, AWS, GCP or any other cloud with minimal effort from your side. Unify can tailor the platform to suit your needs and to add specific features required by your learners and content creators. Unify can provide Android and iOS Apps along with the web-based Open edX learning platform. Learners and Content-creators can access all the features of the platform through the apps.

Configurations and Integrations: Configuration of Multi-tier architecture; Search configuration; Basic White-labeling; Course Forums; other tailor-made configuration; Certification (ex.Microsoft) server integration; Content (ex.Drupal) and Commerce (ex.Magento) integrations;

Additional Services: Course upload assistance; technical support

Unify provides an integrated suite of learning solutions which are optimized for the delivery of outcome-based and competency-focused education. Unify provides program & courseware design environment, online the digital learning environment, learning analytics services and learning content for educational institutions, skill-development centers, and individual learners.

Locations: Hyderabad, Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune in India and Seattle in the US

+91 949 369 2255

A sample Digital Learning Platform: UnifyX