Working Groups are teams dedicated to a project or projects that fit under an easily definable business process. They are designed to create and/or facilitate a particular feature set within the Open edX platform. They are also an authoritative body giving the community structure and a process for decision making. All up to date Open edX Working Group information can be accessed here.

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Marketing Working Group

Description: The Marketing Working Group is a group of Open edX Marketplace providers and Axim employees, who collaborate on increasing the global visibility and adoption of the Open edX platform. The Marketing Working Group has added informational content to the Open edX website, generates blog content, optimizes SEO, organizes quarterly events, and much more. Click here to learn more about the Marketing Working Group. Contact the organizers today to find out how you can get involved! 

Organizers: Eden Huthmacher (Axim/Open edX) & Nicole Kessler (Abstract Technology)

Project Board:

Slack: join the channel #marketing 

Meetings: Bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 10 AM (EST)

Build-Test-Release (BTR) Working Group

Description: The BTR Working Group is chartered with the direction and ownership of the Open edX community releases. Its goals are to create and maintain Open edX releases for use by the global community. Click here to learn more about the BTR Working Group. 

Organizers: Sofiane Berbere and Ned Batchelder 

Project Board:

Slack: join the channel  #wg-build-test-release

Meetings: Bi-weekly on Mondays at 10 AM (EST) 

Translation Working Group

Description: The Translation Working Group consists of various community members, who assist with submitting, coordinating, and reviewing translations in Transifex, in an effort to enhance Axim Collaborative’s overall localization strategy vis a vis a centralized collaboration approach for crowdsourced translations. The group covers ten target languages and ensures 100% translation completion of all Open edX software releases, as well as the translation of user documentation.  Click here to learn more about the Translation Working Group. 

Organizers: Esteban Etcheverry and Eden Huthmacher

Project Board:

Slack: join the channel  #translations-working-group

Meetings: Bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 10 AM (EST)

Data Working Group

Description: The Data Working Group is focused on building a set of community supported interfaces for supporting analytical capabilities related to the Open edX platform.  Click here to learn more about the Data Working Group.

Organizers: Ed Zarecor and Tobias Macey

Project Board: 


Meetings: Bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 12 PM (UTC)

Frontend Working Group

Description:The Frontend Working Group is responsible for stewardship of the frontend of the Open edX platform.  The working group exists as a technical advisory board, curators of our frontend strategic roadmap, and to empower the community to execute on our shared challenges and opportunities. Click here to learn more about the Frontend Working Group. 

Organizer: Adolfo Brandes

Project Board: 

Slack: join the channel  #frontend-working-group

Meetings: Weekly on Thursdays at 11 AM (EST) 

Deprecation Working Group

Description: The Deprecation Working Group collaborates to remove old, outdated parts of the Open edX codebase, in order to improve code cleanliness, readability, and extensibility. Click here to learn more about the Deprecation Working Group. 

Organizer: Diana Huang

Project Board:


Meetings: Bi-weekly on Tuesdays at 3 PM (EST)

Educators Working Group

Description: The Educators Working Group is a community of practice for educators and course-builders on the Open edX platform, representing a cross-section of instructional contexts and ways that the Open edX platform is being used. Our group will share best practices, examples, and showcase the various ways that we build on the platform. In doing so, we’ll create a more innovative, relevant and welcoming space to other educators who want to start or want to expand their online learning initiatives. Click here to learn more about the Educators Working Group. 

Organizers: John Swope, CEO of


Meetings: Monthly on Mondays at 1 PM (EDT)