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Open edX overview:

Built to showcase the latest in learning sciences and instructional design, the Open edX learner platform is driven by our community of developers, technology providers, research teams, and users.

The Open edX platform is built with the best open source tools and frameworks including Ubuntu Linux, docker, the django framework, and ReactJS. You can run the platform on your preferred infrastructure whether that is cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud or openstack. You can also run the platform on premises if you prefer.

The Open edX platform is a modular, service oriented platform. Key components of the platform are the LMS, the Learner Portal, the course authoring tool, Studio, and an administrative portal. The platform provides the critical features you need for authoring and delivering courses online. The platform is extensible to support your usecases via APIs and industry standards like LTI.

The Open edX Learning Management System (LMS)

Learners, course teams, and instructors use the LMS throughout the duration of a course.

Instructor View

Instructors can publish courses, post discussion boards, manage teams and cohorts, edit grades, and communicate with learners.

Learner View

Learners can access their profile, check their enrollment status, and browse courses via their learner dashboard.


  • Available for desktop, iOS and Android versions, the LMS provides access to course content and supporting infrastructure (schedules, discussion boards, collaboration tools, student administration, certificate generation, messaging, and more).
  • Equally supports online courses, online campuses, and online degree programs.
  • Customizable learner experience reflects your unique brand identity and preferences.

Cutting-edge authoring with
Open edX Studio

Open edX Studio empowers learning and development through custom experiences powered by the latest in instructional design.

  • Author courses and evolve your content while live with learners
  • Manage your course schedule, course team, and grading policy
  • Utilize documented and open XML standards (OLX) for import/export of courses.
  • Easily import content and manage content across platforms.
  • Access rich 3rd-party tools or add additional building blocks

Learner engagement data & analytics with Open edX Insights

Open edX Insights provides intelligent, learner-centric analytics to help instructors understand how learners engage with course material.

  • Designed to support millions of users, Open edX Insights scales along with your learning program.
  • Built-in reports help instructors and course teams manage online content for cohorts of any size.
  • Learning teams can leverage existing data to build custom adaptive content and store data in a warehouse or learning record store (LRS).

Rich eCommerce

Open edX eCommerce capabilities support a large set of catalog items, products, and bundles, including multi-payment options such as PayPal.

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