At Construct Education, we take immense pride in being a cornerstone sponsor and partner of the Open edX Conference 2024. Our journey with the Open edX Project began in 2014, and since then, we have actively contributed to the platform’s development and showcased its immense potential to our clients worldwide. Our commitment to the Open edX platform extends beyond mere utilization—we have been instrumental in creating engaging learning experiences on the platform for organizations like Applied Materials, Mass Gen Brigham, and MathWorks, among others.

The Open edX platform has been a fundamental pillar of our work, significantly shaping the educational landscape over the past decade. Our expertise in the platform is rooted in our extensive experience. In fact, Construct Education was the first organization to develop an edX mobile application for its partners, marking a significant milestone in our unwavering commitment to innovation in online learning.

One of our pivotal collaborations that underscores our deep engagement with the Open edX community is the development of the first-ever MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) for the University of Oxford, which continues to be a resounding success on the edX platform. Additionally, our partnerships with renowned institutions like UC Berkeley, Meta, Georgetown University, and George Washington University have further solidified our position as leaders in leveraging the capabilities of the Open edX platform to deliver world-class online education.

Both our instructional design and learning technology teams have deep expertise on the platform, allowing us to seamlessly blend innovative design thinking with technical expertise. We have successfully developed over 1,000 courses on edX for our university, government, and corporate partners. Each project showcases our deep understanding of the Open edX environment, allowing us to optimize the native functionality of the platform. As a result, our courses are easy to maintain, duplicate, or migrate, ensuring a smooth and efficient delivery process that maximizes the platform’s usefulness.

This year, we’re thrilled that members from our instructional design and learning technology teams will be presenting at the conference in Stellenbosch. With AI in education at the forefront of every edtech conference this year, we are certain that our teams will bring fresh perspectives and insights to the table. We aim to showcase how AI can help you enhance learning experiences, personalize education, and bridge gaps in understanding. Our presentations will focus on real-world applications of AI in education, demonstrating our commitment to fostering innovation and improving learning outcomes. We look forward to engaging in meaningful discussions and exploring new possibilities in edtech at the conference.

With a large learning team based in Cape Town, we eagerly look forward to showcasing our beautiful city to all the Open edX conference delegates. Cape Town, with its stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and vibrant educational institutions, provides the perfect backdrop for discussions, networking, and collaboration. Join us at the Open edX Conference 2024 in Cape Town, South Africa, and immerse yourself in the dynamic learning environment while exploring the wonders of our city.

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