Who is ReadSpeaker?

ReadSpeaker provides fully integrated Text-to-Speech capabilities within the Open edX platform. ReadSpeaker has 20+ years of experience where our Text-to-Speech tools are integrated into learning platforms across the globe to make learning content accessible and engaging. ReadSpeaker has 20+ years of experience and works with thousands of education institutions around the world to make content accessible and engaging. ReadSpeaker’s TTS solutions make it easy to respect and create an inclusive environment and promote bimodal learning. 

What is ReadSpeaker Text-to-Speech (TTS)?

ReadSpeaker Text-to-Speech (TTS) solutions for Education are used by leading content companies as a means of transforming written text into life-like spoken audio. TTS solutions enable learners to click a button and listen to the content. 

TTS can help a wide range of users and contribute to your organization’s accessibility and accommodations requirements, respecting Universal Design of Learning (UDL) and Learning Tool Interoperability

As online and hybrid learning continues and evolves into a fact of life for many learners, learning solutions such as ReadSpeakers’ allows for learner autonomy and increased sense of agency. TTS allows students to play back past coursework for review, or listen ahead to new content freely and without instructor supervision. 

Why ReadSpeaker?

ReadSpeaker is the leading choice for text to speech. 

(Call out:

“Integrating ReadSpeaker with our courses has allowed us to provide learners with an equitable and complete learning experience.  Whether a learner wishes to listen to their content, have a word translated for them, or simply read along with the TTS, it has been tremendous.” – Evan Trivits – Learning Tools and Technology Lead, ESME)

  • Web-based, No software to download or installation on the learner’s device
  • Customizable pronunciation dictionary that can be tailored specifically for your content
  • A full support team waiting to help you integrate ReadSpeaker’s webReader solution with step by step instructions written specifically for the Open Edx platform.
  • Advanced UX features honed through years of iterations and customer insight such as
    • Floating Listen Button – No more “Scrolling to the Top” for the listen button or the toolbar. The Floating Listen button conveniently follows the user as they scroll down the page and can be repositioned freely by the user /
    • Read on Hover – bite-sized sections of the course can be read-aloud by simply highlighting a single word to the entire page. 
    • Text Mode – Strips course content of difficult-to-read formatting and enables endless adjustments to font, size and color of the text.
  • Unlimited download of audio files (mp3) of the course content for offline listening

How to deploy ReadSpeaker tools?

ReadSpeaker is an official vendor in the Open edX Marketplace. The pre-built TTS solution seamlessly integrates within your institution’s Open edX instance and makes any course currently on the platform accessible. https://openedx.org/marketplace/readspeaker/ to receive personalized help in implementing ReadSpeaker or for any other questions.