The upcoming “Love for Docs” Hackathon, taking place August 10 – 12, is fast approaching! Before the hackathon, we’re delighted to announce that we’re hosting two Idea Jams, where you can connect with other Hackathon attendees and brainstorm ideas for Hackathon projects. Details:

  • Idea Jam 1: August 5 from 1600 – 1700 ET, hosted in 
  • Idea Jam 2: August 9 from 0900 – 1000 ET, hosted in

Feel free to start brainstorming now and put your ideas in the Hackathon project ideas doc, or browse the doc for inspiration.

Finally, if you’re a first-time contributor to Open edX, we strongly encourage you to sign a CLA now, prior to the Hackathon. Our legal team can take a bit of time to process CLAs, and the sooner you sign the greater the chance you’ll be able to contribute unimpeded during the Hackathon.

– Hackathon Planning Committee