What is a hackathon? At edX, a hackathon is time we set aside to build (still Open edX-related) things that interest us. This isn’t a stay-up-all-night, fierce competition. This is a time for everyone to get together, collaborate, and make some novel improvements to the platform. For the first time in a while, we are so pleased to be able to invite the whole Open edX community!

Hackathon Theme: The theme for this hackathon is “Love For Documentation”. We want this hackathon to focus on improving our various forms of documentation – developer facing, user facing, inside or outside of the code. However the theme is just a suggestion– the sky’s the limit for what your project is.

Thought starters: How can we think about consumers of our documentation first? What group of people will this project show love to – new developers? existing partners/course teams? learners trying to make sense of our platform? Documentation is everywhere, from our Read the Docs pages to docstrings in our code. Think big!

Prizes: We’ll be awarding prizes in four categories:

  1. Built to Last
    • We want to make docs sustainable. For example, a project that makes it easier to keep docs up to date by building tools, or processes. Anything that helps people keep the words matching our code and what we do here is a good candidate for this prize.
  2. Most ambitious
  3. Biggest improvement for our open source community
  4. Judge’s Choice

Prize winners will receive a special forum badge and an Open edX t-shirt!

Logistics: The hackathon will kick off Tuesday, 10 August around 1500 ET, however you are welcome to begin your hackathon project at whatever time makes sense for your time zone. We have set up a shared Slack channel in the Open edX Slack space (#docs-hackathon) and a project ideation wiki page so you can meet others with interest in your project, or join a project team. 

The hackathon ends 12 August at 1700 ET – we’ll be asking people who participate to post a ~1-2 minute video demo by that time on discuss.openedx.org. Anyone who posts a demo will get a Hackathon participation badge!

More details on hackathons at edX, including questions to spark a project idea

More details on this hackathon

Got an idea?  Looking for a project?  Check out the project ideation page, view the Hackathon thread on Discourse, or join us in #docs-hackathon in the Open edX Slack!

Happy Hacking!

– Hackathon planning committee