As you undoubtedly know, long-time community contributors, Raccoon Gang, are caught up in the invasion of Ukraine.  As a community we are hoping and praying that the entire team, their families, and friends, are safe.

Many have asked, “what can we do to support Raccoon Gang?” 

One critical thing we can do is to help the team execute their business continuity plan by moving forward with projects, accelerating work, and squaring our accounts.  I have exchanged messages with the Raccoon Gang leadership recently and know that they have a strong business continuity plan that was developed in advance of the invasion.  They are executing the plan now.  Their wise reliance on cloud-based infrastructure will ensure the continuity of their technical operations.

The Open edX team will continue to work closely with Raccoon Gang and asks you to do the same.  Their ability to support their staff and their staff’s families in this time of crisis depends upon reliable sources of income.  In these extraordinary times, we must repay the commitment and resilience of our colleagues with our patience and steadfastness. 

A Ukrainian colleague recently shared that he, paraphrasing, “was safe, but definitely not OK.”  I hope that soon our friends and colleagues will be both safe and OK.