Following the successful release of Open edX Cypress, we are pleased to announce that Cypress virtual machine (VM) images are now available thanks to Bitnami!

The Cypress virtual machine images areavailable for a wide variety of cloud platforms: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, VMware vCloud, and more. We welcome developers and IT admins to take advantage of free trials on your platform of choice:

The VM is an excellent way for you to try out the Open edX platform. It is easy to get up and running with the software and play around with it in this trial mode. However, single VMs have scalability limits and are not recommended for production sites. For assistance with scalable infrastructure, check out this list of Open edX service providers. The providers on this list can help you determine your Open edX needs and help you build the Open edX site of your dreams.

The Cypress release contains many awesome new features, such as Creative Commons licensing for your Open edX courses, ability to configure additional authentication providers, profiles for your users, hinting and feedback for problem types, and much, much more! For more information on the Cypress release and its contents, check out the Cypress release notes!

To learn more about Open edX, meet community members and service providers face to face, and explore the challenges and joys of the Open edX platform, join us this fall at the second annual Open edX conference! Those of you running your own Open edX instance may be particularly interested in the Configuration Primer session (featuring Feanil Patel of edX’s DevOps team). For the full schedule, check out