Greetings from the edX team! Here’s an update on the work we’ve been doing to improve the edX platform for both learners and course authors.

Coming Soon for Learners

Mobile Version 2.16

Version 2.16 of the edX mobile apps for iOS and Android is on the way! This upcoming edition will include:

  • An improved My Programs area, where learners can view their program dashboard and program progress pages as they do today on a desktop.
  • The ability to use Microsoft social authentication to log in.

Coming Soon for Course Authors

The best practices checklist that is visible from the course outline page.

Best Practices Checklist

Building on the recently released Course Launch Checklist, we’re adding a Best Practices Checklist to ensure the best outcomes for your course, and your learners.

You’ll be able to quickly view areas in your course that follow best practices, as well as identify those that can be improved. 

Look for the Best Practices Checklist to be live by the end of August!


Recently Released for Learners

Transferrable Learner Records

learner records sharing dialog

Many of our learners want to pursue a full masters after they complete an edX program. To help learners who want to apply their MicroMasters credential as transfer credit, we’re building a transferable learner record that will enable students to share their edX record with partner institutions. We look forward to seeing our learners continue their education!

Mobile Version 2.15

Version 2.15 of the edX mobile apps for iOS and Android is now available! This latest release will help learners find courses in subjects they’ve expressed interest in and includes rotation and landscape support for tablets.

Recently Released for Course Authors Course Launch Checklist

Course outline checklist showing five options

There’s so much to remember when you launch a course—and we’re making it easier for you. With the Course Launch Checklist feature, Studio automatically keeps track of important course launch steps and updates the list as you update your course.

The status of the checklist items is visible right on the Course Outline page, so you always know how many tasks remain.

Video Status Indicators

We’re updating the video status indicators to make the current state of each video more clear. For more information about the current status indicators, see Video Processing Statuses in Building and Running an edX Course.

Learner Data for a Specific Problem 

Looking for all the learner responses and data for a specific problem? Thanks to the Open edX community, the downloadable Student State report received readability enhancements and now contains new columns for single problems or for all problems in a unit, subsection, or section, as well as for all problems in the course.

Course Author Training

New to course authoring in edX? Enroll in StudioX today! 

Technical Support

The Get Technical Support button from the partner portal home page.

On the edX Partner Portal, help is always close by. On the home page, you can select Get Technical Support to open the EdX Partner Support page. There, you can access technical support, submit a support ticket, or review any support tickets you have created.