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Self Managed

For a more customized experience and deep integration, many Open edX users stand up a dedicated instance.

Select one of the readily available Open edX distributions or get help creating your instance. Our service partners can help you customize, host, and manage a distribution.

Some of the Open edX distributions are source code only and others provide access to source code as well as a ready to deploy image (binary distribution). If provided, binary distributions are a great way to get started.

Choose Your Distribution

Open edX community releases happen twice a year, named after tree species. All other distributions on this list depend on the Open edX community release, but add additional value.

  • Open edX distribution by Tutor

    Tutor is a free, open source, docker-based Open edX distribution, both for production and local development. Tutor makes it easy to deploy, customize, upgrade and scale Open edX platform. It is reliable, fast, extensible, and it is already used by hundreds of Open edX platforms around the world.

  • Open edX community release (Source Code)

    The Open edX source distribution targets organizations who have development resources to work on their learning platform.

    Many of our service partners can get you started with the Open edX community release and help you customize it to your needs. Check out the Marketplace to find the right partner for you. All Open edX code and documentation is provided to the community on GitHub and in the Community section.

Partner Trials

Many of our partners provide a 30-day free trial of their distribution. Explore our Marketplace to learn more.


Our digital catalog of service & technology partners helps you customize, enhance, and augment your own Open edX instance. You can also find technical support, learner support, hosting, maintenance service partners, and 3rd party products to integrate with.

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