The full agenda for the 2017 Open edX conference is now available and online. We invite you to explore our schedule of thought-provoking presentations, lightning talks, and interactive technical tutorials (May 23, included in your registration), given by experts from leading, worldwide organizations. Our conference and its inspiring agenda points will be a great opportunity for all attendees to be at the forefront of online education development and trends.

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Some talks we’re particularly excited about:

Learning in the Open: a strategic approach to MOOC development
Professor Sir Tim O’Shea, and Professor Eileen Scanlon, University of Edinburgh

This session will review the University of Edinburgh’s strategy for online learning which has been developed over the past 5 years.  The presentation reflects on the influence of successful online Master’s courses, Faculty engagement and the experience of growing MOOCS across 4 platforms.  In order to make further progress we identify 7 key issues relating to learner behaviour in MOOCs which need to be resolved.

Digital Learning 2.0: Learning that sticks
Paul Hunter, Director of IMD’s Corporate Learning Network.

How can you create digital learning that sticks? For online learning to yield tangible results, a number of elements need to be deployed in parallel and constantly adjusted throughout the learner’s journey. In this session we will examine the 7 key success factors which ensure that learners are not only engaged, but also transfer their learning into meaningful actions in their professional and personal contexts.

Open edX accessibility in practice
Alejandro Rodriguez-Ascaso (UNED), Vicente Goyanes (Teltek)

UNED is an Spanish publicly funded, online university with more than 200,000 students. It is the second largest university in Europe. Fundación ONCE and ONCE comprise the main organizations of persons with disabilities in Spain. One of the main objectives of Fundación ONCE is to promote the creation of environments, products and services that are globally accessible. We will describe how choosing Open edX as the UNED Abierta’s MOOC platform has proved to be strategic, as Open edX is committed to continuously improve its level of compliance with well established web accessibility guidelines, and how we have continued to make our own enhancements to its accessibility.

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