Welcome to June! Here at edX headquarters, we’ve been busy with feature improvements we hope you’ll enjoy. 

Improvements for Learners

As part of our ongoing course navigation improvements, we want to make the information our learners need easier for them to find. We’ve added the course tools sidebar to the new course outline page, so learners can now see important dates and handouts on both the Home page and the Course page. For more information about the new course outline page, see Update: Course Navigation Changes, or check out Why does my course navigation look different? in the edX Help Center. Or, if you want to help test this and other features, send an email message to marco@edx.org.

A response for an open response assessment assignment that includes three image files.

And we have an exciting update for both learners and course authors: Thanks to one of our edX partners, learner responses for open response assessment (ORA) assignments can now include multiple files! Additionally, learners are no longer required to enter text as part of their responses, and we’ve increased the maximum cumulative upload size to 10 MB so that learners can take advantage of this new feature.

Improvements for Course Authors

One of our goals at edX is to make obtaining course data easier for our course teams. During May, our data team added unenrolled learners to grade reports, so that these reports now show the number of learners who have ever enrolled in your course. We also added a Programs option to the Course List table on the Insights Courses page, so you can filter by programs as well as by availability and pacing type. 

Another of our goals is to make obtaining help easier! We’ve updated our context-sensitive Help links on the instructor dashboard so that they now open Building and Running an Open edX Course directly.

Coming Soon

In the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing improvements to the Video Uploads page along with a new video feature: Course authors will be able to choose the thumbnail image that learners see before the video begins to play.

The Video Uploads page showing video thumbnail images.