Happy November from your friends at edX! As a new month begins, we’re excited to share the features we’ve been working on with you.

Improvements for LearnersTwo screens in the edX mobile app, showing assignment due dates and video download sizes.

Mobile 2.11 for Android and iOS

We’re happy to announce that version 2.11 of the edX mobile app for Android and iOS is now available! This version adds—wait for it—tablet support, as well as in-app information about video size to help learners monitor their data usage. Version 2.11 also adds assignment due dates and initial support for Spanish.

Improvements for Course Authors

Updated StudioX Course

We’re just released a new and improved version of our StudioX course! Our training team has worked hard on this new version, which includes information about getting set up with Edge or the Open edX platform, even more accessibility guidance, and deeper dives into each of the four default component types. Knowledge checks are all brand-new, too. We hope you find valuable information in this new course!

Improvements for Researchers

Looking up information about events has become a lot easier. We recently overhauled the EdX Research Guide, improving the organization and updating topics so that you can find the information you need quickly. We’d love to hear your feedback, so feel free to e-mail us at docs@edx.org.

Coming Soon

Some great new features are in the works! Soon, learners who have added a post in the course discussions will receive an e-mail message when another learner replies to that post. Additionally, messages about certificates—including upcoming verification deadlines—will be more prominent on the Course page, making them more actionable.