Greetings, edX fans! Another month has come and gone, and as usual we’ve been busy developing features that will make the edX experience better for you and your learners.

Improvements for Learners

Profile UpdatesA learner profile with biographical information and earned course certificates visible.

In August, we added social media links to learner profiles. In September, we augmented profiles further by adding a list of certificates that learners have earned—both for courses and for programs. Now learners can easily show off their credentials!

Email Messages

Our learners have busy schedules, and sometimes course dates can slip through the cracks. We’re in the process of creating nudge emails that will go out at certain times to help keep learners on track. Currently, we let learners know when a course will be starting in a month or less, and encourage them to add a Google calendar reminder. Future messages will notify learners when the deadline to upgrade to a verified certificate is approaching. In addition, we’ve begun sending email reminders to some learners who add a certificate to their shopping carts, but then don’t complete the checkout process. We expect these and other messages to help learners both succeed in their courses, and sign up for verified certificates.

Coming Soon

Mobile 2.11

Version 2.11 of the edX mobile apps is on the way! This newest version is scheduled to include support for tablets, information about video size to help learners monitor data usage, easily visible assignment due dates, and more.