Update – The enhancements for standard problem types will be live the week of October 11, 2016.


We are thrilled to announce enhancements to the learner experience for our standard problem types (often referred to as CAPA problems).

Based on feedback, we’ve included these updates to simplify the learner experience:

  • The “Check” and “Final Check” buttons will be consolidated, and relabeled “Submit”.

  • Secondary actions (e.g., hint, save, reset, show answer) will be visually separated from Submit. Screen reader users will encounter these options before Submit, so that all learners have the opportunity to take advantage of them before submitting their answers.

  • When a learner chooses to show a hint for a problem, every hint shown will now remain visible above the Submit button. This change has the result of aggregating hints for a cumulative effect. Previously, only one hint showed at a time.

  • Feedback (Correct/Incorrect) will now display in a banner at the bottom of the problem. This banner is designed to include navigational options for keyboard and screen reader users, making it easier to navigate back to the start of the problem, or move on to the next. (Note: these banners do not persist).

  • Practice problems (that is, problems within an ungraded subsection) are now identified by a message that appears immediately below the problem display name.


While the design shown below may change slightly before release, we expect these new improvements to be live in mid-September. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback!

This image shows a checkbox problem with the updated UI: a submit button, secondary actions,  and a feedback banner.