The new reality is making all kinds of companies, organizations, educational institutions, etc., to migrate from an in-person course to an online course. The process is not that easy and if the organization is new to the online courses world, it can be a challenge. 

When it comes to the right platform, Open edX technology continues to lead in the learning technology space owing to its rich user experience, cross-platform accessibility, and intelligent analytics. However, successfully converting an in-person course to an Open edX course requires a fair amount of analyzing, strategizing, and planning because, without it, you’ll probably end up publishing a long e-book that nobody wants a part of instead of the engaging online course that your material deserves to become. 

The Open edX platform is an open-source learning management system that is used across the globe to teach and learn online. The Open edX platform has been deployed to support everything from single classrooms, to universities, to nation-wide learning initiatives, it has served more than 30 million learners since 2012.

The Open edX community wants to share this ebook with  you, where you will find the 9 steps that you may need to bring to reality an Open edX course. The ebook covers in detail the following steps:

  1. Taking Content Inventory
  2. Determining Learning Objectives (LO’s)
  3. Choosing the Course Format
  4. Planning Course Design and Structure
  5. Selecting Tools
  6. Creating your Open edX Course
  7. Delivering the Course
  8. Revising Vigorously
  9. Staying Current and Taking Feedback

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