EdX has just released the newest version of the edX platform on edx.org and edX Edge.

This release includes the following new features.

  • With the new peer instruction tool, course teams can create multiple choice questions that allow learners to select an answer, provide an explanation for the answer that they select, and then view answers and explanations from their peers before they submit a final response. For more information about how to create these problems, see Peer Instruction Tool in Building and Running an edX Course or Peer Instruction Tool in Building and Running an Open edX Course. For information about the learner experience, see Explaining Multiple Choice Answers in the EdX Learner’s Guide or Explaining Multiple Choice Answers in the Open edX Learner’s Guide. For information about the events that these problems emit, see Peer Instruction Events.

  • For data czars, statuses for learners who audit courses are now available in the certificates_generated table. For more information, see status in the “Certificate Data” section of the EdX Research Guide.

​For more information about other changes in this release, see the edX Release Notes. You can access the weekly release notes, as well as all of the edX documentation, at docs.edx.org.