We have just released the final version of the latest Open edX tree release, Ficus! This is our sixth Open edX release, and we’re excited to share it with our community.

A big thanks to everyone who contributed to making this release possible—particularly Pierre Mailhot from EDUlib, who consistently was one of the first to test the latest release candidate and provide feedback.

Ficus includes improvements in everything from the LMS to data reporting.


  • New Next and Previous buttons allow learners to navigate more intuitively through courses.
  • A post listing view that shows not only post titles, but also the first line of each post, is now available on the Discussions and Teams pages and in inline discussions.
  • The Progress page loads significantly faster.
  • For course problems, the Check and Final Check buttons are now combined in one Submit button, and less frequently used actions (such as Save and Show Answer) have been moved to the side. 
  • Learners can quickly see whether problems are graded or ungraded.
  • In course discussions, the UI includes a new header area, a more intuitive topic list, and indicators for unread items. 
  • Learners can now sort discussions by votes.

Studio and Course Author Tools

  • Course teams can now copy and move HTML components easily in Studio. 
  • For rescoring, course teams can specify that the system will only update a learner’s score if the process improves the learner’s score. For more information, see Rescore Learner Submissions for a Problem.
  • Using the advanced editor, course teams can include HTML tags inside the
  • Course teams can specify more than one correct answer for numerical input problems. For more information, see Adding Multiple Correct Responses.
  • For checkbox and multiple choice problems, course teams can use a