As we approach the production release of Open edX Hawthorn, we wanted to get as much feedback as possible from those deploying the latest release candidate. The 24 hour period from 2pm EDT/18:00 UTC on July 30th until 2pm EDT/18:00 UTC on July 31 have been designated as “Hawthorn Day” for the new release. We ask the community to install Hawthorn and provide feedback on the installation process and its overall usability.


For Hawthorn Day, we will focus on issues with deployment, configuration, performance, and new features added since Ginkgo, which include:

  • Completion API to help learners visualize progress within a course
  • Adaptive video streaming
  • Bundled Program and Course Group purchases

If you find an issue, please help us track it in our Jira Project. If you need help during Hawthorn Day, find us in the #hawthorn-beta channel on Slack (instructions for joining).

Prizes will be given to those who install Hawthorn! If you install Hawthorn and tell us about it using this Google Form, we’ll send you this fabulous laptop sleeve. We will also send you a new Open edX t-shirt, (although we’re waiting for them to be finished and will take a couple of weeks to be mailed). And if you fix a bug and your pull request is approved and merged, well, we’re still thinking about what special things to do for you.