As you may have seen from the openedx-ops mailing list, we’ve released the 1st release candidate of Hawthorn! If all goes well, we will have the “gold” release in a couple of weeks. 


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Here’s what Ned had to say about it:

The first Hawthorn release candidate is available: open-release/hawthorn.1rc1 .  This is not for production. This release is based on the code of July 3rd.

Some notes:
  • This is the Hawthorn code. Between now and the release of Hawthorn.1, there will be fixes applied, but typical development will not affect Hawthorn from this point on.
  • There is no upgrade script from Ginkgo to Hawthorn.
  • Instead of upgrading, we will be supporting moving your data and configuration from a Ginkgo installation to a new Hawthorn installation.
  • Docs and release notes have not been updated yet.
  • Devstack is now based on Docker rather than Vagrant. See the Docker Devstack README
  • There is no more fullstack. For native installations use the usual instructions.
If you need help with Hawthorn.1rc1, the usual methods are good:
If you find a problem with this release, please report it in JIRA or on the openedx-ops mailing list.  When reporting a problem, please provide as many details as you can so that we can get the problem fixed quickly and well.

Happy Hacking!

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