I recently spoke with Cathy Herbert, Director of Training and Enablement at Metalogix, about what her team doing with the Open edX platform. Cathy is an expert on the use of the Open edX platform for corporate training.

Metalogix creates unified management software to migrate, manage and secure content across enterprise collaboration platforms in the cloud and on-premises. In a partnership with Appsembler, they launched Metalogix Academy in August of this year.

Photo of an iPhone running the Metalogix Academy app.

What is Metalogix Academy?

The purpose of Metalogix Academy is to provide training to customers, partners and employees which supports all stages of the sales process. We provide comprehensive sales training to employees and partners to ensure sellers of our technology have the background they need to have valuable conversations with customers throughout the sales engagement. We also provide technical training to support customers and partners involved in the deployment process.

How are you using the Open edX platform?

Since its launch on August 1 of this year, Metalogix Academy offers employee onboarding and product training for customers, partners and employees.

  • Courses currently deployed: 17
  • Registered users: >600
    • Metalogix customers: 50%
    • Metalogix employees: 25%
    • Metalogix partners: 25%
  • Course creation team: 2 (plus input from the product management team)

Ultimately our goal is for the system to lead to more valuable interactions between our sellers (internal and partner) and our customers during the sales process and streamlined deployments. From a selling perspective, we have broken the training into short videos produced by product managers. If a sales professional needs a quick refresher on product positioning prior to a key call, they can easily access the material. We view enablement as an ongoing process, not a one time event. Metalogix is focused on customer success and has an award winning support organization.

Metalogix on Online Education

Online education has become a critical success factor in the technology sector for several reasons. First, deployment resources are truly global. We need to be able to enable partners to take training at any time, from any place. Second, cloud application enable solution providers to innovate and deploy enhancements at a much more rapid pace. While on-premise applications typically roll out one major release annually, cloud application providers roll out new functionality within weeks or quarters. As a result, education teams must deploy training on a system that can be easily updated.

We are continually enhancing our sales training and planning to provide more in depth deployment training. From a system development perspective we would like to test peer review, cohorts and video assessments for sales professionals (practice positioning). We are also planning to develop integrated dashboard reporting through Salesforce.

Special Thanks

Appsembler has been a tremendous partner to work with!

Cathy Herbert is the Director of Training and Enablement at Metalogix. She spoke at Open edX Con 2015. Check out her talk!

Appsembler works with Metalogix in developing their use of the Open edX platform. Their repos are available on GitHub.

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