How to add the In-Video Quiz XBlock to the Open edX platform – An Abstract-Technology Guide

The following guide will explain to you how to add, edit, and manage the In-Video Quiz XBlock on the Open edX platform by following the upcoming listed steps:

  1. Log into the authoring tool of your Open edX platform with your credentials.
  2. Create a new course or navigate to the course where you want to add the In-Video Quiz XBlock as a component.
  3. Click on the dropdown Menu on top “Settings”. When opening the dropdown, click on “Advanced Settings”:

  4. Scroll to the field “Advanced Module list” and type in the module “invideoquiz” as shown in the following screenshot:

  5. After saving your changes, navigate back to the subsection where you want to add the In-Video Quiz XBlock.
  6. First, you will need to add a video component by clicking on the green button labeled as  “Video

  7. After the video component is added and edited according to your specifications, you need to add a problem type of your choice. You can choose a problem type from the list, when clicking on the green button “Problem

  8. The problem type you have chosen will be added, and you can edit its content and settings according to your specifications.
  9. Now you need to add the In-Video Quiz XBlock by hitting the green button “Advanced”. A Dropdown will open from which you have to choose “In-Video Quiz XBlock

  10. After the component is added, click on “Edit

  11. A pop-up modal will open where you have to type in the ID of your video*:

  12. Now you have to add the problem ID* you want to appear in the video as well as the time (in seconds) after which you want the problem to fade in.
    Note to keep the format of how you specify the time and ID:
    {“Time in seconds”: “problem ID”}

When testing the video quiz component on the LMS, keep in mind to view the component as a learner (select “Learner” in the “View this course as” dropdown on the top of the page) since the staff view will display the video component and the problem component as separated units in the courseware.

Important to know

* How to get the ID of a problem component on the Open edX platform?
The ID of a problem or video component can be obtained via the button of each component on the LMS.
When clicking this button, a pop-up modal will open and you will find the ID of the referring component at the highlighted position in the following screenshot: