The Open edX Product Team is thrilled to announce the launch of a new Copy & Paste feature for course authors! 

Copy & Paste will make it easier for authors to reuse different parts of the course and reduce the time it takes to create course content. 

The Copy & Paste feature lets course authors copy components from the course outline to a clipboard. Once copied to the clipboard, the component can be reused, either in the same course or in a different course. 

Authors can copy a component by clicking the triple dot menu at the top of the component editing window and selecting “Copy to Clipboard”:

When authoring a new unit, an option to “Paste Component” appears:

In the first release, the Copy & Paste can be used at the component level of the course outline. This includes text blocks, problem blocks and video blocks. In future releases, the feature will be expanded to include units, subsections and sections of the course outline.

Below is the video demo that illustrates how the new feature can be used: 

And here’s a link to the “How To” guide.

Copy & Paste has been added to the current working version of the platform (the “master branch”), and will be available in the Quince Community Release in December 2023.