We are delighted to announce that Nick van Dam, Global Chief Learning Officer and Client Advisor at McKinsey & Company, will be a keynote speaker at the Open edX conference at Carlos III University in Madrid, Spain, on May 24 & 25. 

Headshot of Nick van Dam

Nick van Dam, Global CLO, McKinsey & Co.

Nick is an internationally recognized consultant, author, researcher and thought leader on corporate learning & learning development. His areas of expertise include pursuing digital learning opportunities, designing corporate academies and boosting learning innovation. Internationally acknowledged as a leader in the field of education and innovation, Nick received the Lifetime Learning Leadership Award for his contributions to innovation and learning from the MASIE center in 2012 and the Leonardo European Corporate Learning Award in 2013. In addition, he founded the e-learning for Kids Foundation in 2005.

Please join Nick van Dam and the Open edX community — a global audience of some 200 leading educators, decision-makers, researchers, developers and corporate executives — at the 2017 Open edX Conference to learn more about and help address the challenges in open education to further advance online learning. 

Take advantage of our discounted early bird registration by March 1 and we look forward to seeing you in Madrid in May.