With the first Open edX Conference quickly approaching, we’re pleased to announce our list of speakers! Developers and researchers from around the world will join us on the Harvard campus to talk about how they use Open edX, what makes it exciting, and how to extend and develop it further. In no particular order, we are excited to introduce the following speakers and their Open edX Conference themes:

  • Philippe Chiu, IONISx: Using Splunk with Open edX for analytics
  • Lorena Barba, George Washington University: Research and pedagogy using Open edX
  • John Cox, Google: Third-party authentication with Open edX
  • Xavier Antoviaque, OpenCraft: XBlocks and best practices
  • Ignacio Despujol, UPVx.es: Hosting Open edX onsite, rather than using AWS
  • Andy Parsons, McKinsey: Customizing McKinsey’s instance of Open edX
  • Karl Mehta, EdCast: Integrating Open edX with cloud services
  • Jim Waldo, Harvard: Integrating Open edX with other learning systems like Canvas and Moodle
  • Jason Bau, Stanford: A “deep-linking” feature developed by Stanford for its instance of Open edX
  • Carson Gee and Peter Pinch, MIT: Using Git as a version control system for Open edX courseware
  • Daniel Hickey, Indiana University: A badging feature being developed for Open edX
  • Bertrand Marron, IONISx: Software architecture and APIs in Open edX
  • Watanabe Yasumasa, gacco.org: Customizing Gacco’s instance of Open edX

In addition to these community speakers, several edX developers will speak about major recent and upcoming developments in Open edX. Finally, we’ll have a series of 10-minute lightning talks that will broaden the scope of discussion even more.

The Open edX community is growing fast and producing some incredible things, and we can’t wait to meet all of you at the conference! Check out our conference website to see the outline of events and register.