The latest Open edX release, Quince, includes a number of improvements for learners and course teams. In this post, we’ll highlight some of the biggest changes that the Open edX community engineering and product teams have contributed to this release.

For Learners

New Learner Home

With the Quince Release comes the new Learner Home. The Learner Home comes with an updated UI, a few new features, and extended functionality as well as many of the same features that the previous course dashboard had.

Learner Home is the hub for learners to easily access and track courses in which they’re currently enrolled, and explore new courses. The Learner Home is intended to replace the old course dashboard.

Updated UI

Learner Home has a sleek, simpler, and easier-to-navigate UI, with updates such as pagination that make it easier to manage large lists of courses. The page is built with Paragon, allowing it to be easily styled with brand colors and components. 

This new UI is a harbinger for a platform-wide UI facelift, coming in 2024.

New Sort and Filter Feature

Learners can use the new “refine” button on Learner Home to filter through large lists of courses by course status. They can also sort by the most recent enrollment date or title.

Improvements to Course Cards

Like the prior course dashboard experience, courses are presented in a series of course cards. Course cards display the course thumbnail, information about the course, upgrade options, and pathways for learners to resume course content. Further course actions, such as unenrolling and other opt-in settings, have been moved to the triple-dot menu at the upper righthand corner of the course cards.

Masquerade Feature for Course Teams

Site staff can now masquerade as users on the platform by typing a username or email in the “View as” box and hitting submit. This is designed to be “view only” so change actions (e.g. enroll, unenroll, selecting a session) are blocked in this view.

New In-Context Discussion Sidebar

With new courses created in Quince, learners can interact with discussion forums within course units, via a new collapsable discussion sidebar. The new discussion sidebar replaces the old discussion XBlock experience.

This sidebar lets learners view, respond to, and initiate discussion threads relevant to the course unit they are viewing, without having to navigate away from the course content. Discussion topics will stay close to the content they support. Learners will have a seamless experience interacting with peers as they build their understanding and grasp on course learning objectives. 

We’ll include highlights from the new sidebar in a future post.

For Course Authors

Copy & Paste course components and units

With Quince comes the ability to copy and paste course components (text blocks, video blocks and problem blocks) and course units. This new feature makes it easier to reuse course content, either within the same course or in a different course.
For more information about unit copy and paste, see here.