EdX has just released the newest version of the edX Platform on edx.org and edX Edge.

This release includes the following changes.

  • You can now set up checkbox, multiple choice, numerical input, and write-your-own-grader problems so that learners can receive partial credit for a problem if they submit an answer that is partly correct. For more information, see Awarding Partial Credit for a Problem in the Building and Running an edX Course guide.
  • For numerical input and text input problems, you can use the Advanced Editor to add text after the response field, including words and symbols.

    Numerical input problems with text after the response field

    For more information, see Numerical Input Problem  and Text Input Problem in the Building and Running an edX Course guide.

  • Various accessibility-related enhancements were made, including re-engineering the left navigation menu in the courseware. Navigating through sections, subsections and units using the course navigation menu is now significantly improved for keyboard and screen reader users.

For more information about the changes in this release and in our previous releases, see the edX Release Notes. You can access the weekly release notes, as well as all other edX documentation, at docs.edx.org.