(This guest post is by Raccoon Gang, long-time Open edX community member and a keystone sponsor of this year’s Open edX conference in Montreal. Remember to register – today is the last day!)

Raccoon Gang is a keystone sponsor of the Open edX 2018 Conference

About Raccoon Gang

Open edX is one of the leading eLearning platforms worldwide, and Raccoon Gang has been working with Open edX since its open-sourcing.

We specialize in building online learning solutions for corporations, universities and other online learning providers and simultaneously contributing to the open source community.

Some of our projects:

  • Adaptive learning – Adapt

  • Adaptive learning – HarvardX

What’s ahead for Raccoon Gang?

Our action plan for 2018:

  • Continue Open edX promotion

  • Launch RG Analytics 1.0; Release several updates

  • Launch a project aimed at Course Creator UI improvements

  • Continue Microsoft LaaS Program expansion

Raccoon Gang at #edXCon2018

Meet us at the Conference discussing following topics:

  • RG Analytics 1.0
    Easy-to-use tool that is going to bring a lot of long-expected actionable insights to course instructors

  • Integration with Azure media storage player

  • Microsoft LaaS cases
    Best practices, recommendations and must-haves for those who are considering participation in MS LaaS program

  • Using MS Power BI for gaining insights
    Another way to get insights from your student data – now with the help of MS PowerBI suite. This talk might help those who runs their instances in Azure and/or are active users of Power BI.

  • SSO Use Cases

  • OLGA
    Open Learner Global Analytics: module that collects statistics from edx platform installations all over the world. This feature will provide possibilities for analysing trends of platform usage and users engagement in e-learning process per country and globally around the world.

  • Scorm XBlock

If you have any questions regarding these topics or if you would like to discuss with us anything else, please use this form to submit any question/request

Meet Us at the Conference
Some of topics listed above aren’t going to be discussed in much details during our presentations and lightning talks. If you would like to discuss our projects and case studies, please book a time slot to meet with us – we are open for discussions!