The Open edX Conference 2024 will provide pathways for educators and technologists alike to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of online learning. From immersive workshops to thought-provoking talks, the Open edX Conference 2024 will showcase cutting-edge developments within the Open edX community. Let’s delve into the highlights, where innovative ideas and insightful discussions will pave the way for a brighter future in education technology and register to this state-of-the-art event here! Early Bird discounts are available between now and April 14th, 2024. 

Workshop Highlights:

  • Immersive Course Authoring Workshop: This workshop will provide participants with hands-on experience in crafting courses using Studio, the Open edX course authoring software. 

Author: Ildi Morris – Learning Design Consultant at Morris Learning Design

  • Frontend Pluggability Workshop: This workshop will demonstrate how to write plugins for Open edX micro-frontend pages, fostering a more dynamic and customizable learning environment. 

Authors: Adolfo Brandes – Principal Frontend Engineer at Axim Collaborative, Braden MacDonald – CTO at OpenCraft, Felipe Montoya – CTO at eduNEXT, and Jhon Venté – Frontend Software Engineer at eduNEXT 

  • Business Development Workshop: This in depth (two-part ) business development workshop will explore the competitive landscape of EdTech, analyzing market trends and outlining strategies to enhance the global adoption of the Open edX Platform and how to best align the product roadmap to achieve such goals. 

Authors: Abe Dearmer – CEO of Appsembler, Fox Piacenti – Business Development Manager at OpenCraft, Ayaz Quraishi – Growth Manager at Edly by Arbisoft, Angie Ruiz – Marketing & Sales Manager at eduNEXT, Stefania Trabucchi – CEO of Abstract Technology, and Cecilia Liu – Marketing Director at Notionwave 

Session Highlights:

  • AI-Powered Assessments and Adaptive Feedback: This presentation will discuss leveraging AI-driven assessments to offer personalized feedback, empowering educators to support the development of complex competencies effectively. 

Authors: Andre Engelbrecht – Learning Technology Specialist and Jacques Fourie – Learning Architect at Construct Education

  • Open edX Product Roadmap Roundtable: This roundtable will  facilitate a collaborative discussion among product managers, providing insights into upcoming feature developments and enhancements for the Redwood and Sumac Open edX community releases. 

Author: Jenna Makowski – Open edX Product Manager at Axim Collaborative 

  • Dive into Aspects – the new Open edX Analytics Software: The Aspects presentation will showcase the modular and extensible nature of Aspects Analytics, demonstrating how organizations can customize and extend the platform to suit their analytics & data needs. 

Authors: Brian Mesick – Platform Architect, Data at Axim Collaborative and Jillian Vogel, Senior Developer & DevOps at OpenCraft 

  • Enhancing Engagement through Hyper-Personalized Nudge Emails – A Case Study: Discover a case study on leveraging hyper-personalized nudge emails to enhance student engagement and course completion rates, highlighting the impact of personalized communication in online learning environments. 

Authors: John Swope, Digital Education Consultant and Shannon Rushe, Lead Instructional Designer at 

The Open edX Conference 2024 is not merely a gathering of professionals; it is a testament to the collaborative spirit driving innovation in education technology. Through workshops, talks, and roundtable discussions, attendees will gain valuable insights and practical skills to shape the future of online learning. As we reflect on the speaker’s highlights, we are reminded of the boundless possibilities that lie ahead, fueled by a shared commitment to advancing education for all! Register today at