Learner Analytics in Insights

Insights now includes Learner Analytics, which tracks individual activity metrics for enrolled learners in your edX course. By reviewing these metrics, you can identify cases in which you may want to reach out to individual learners.

Identifying Struggling Learners

Learner Analytics allows you to identify struggling learners. The roster view shows summary activity metrics for the past 7 days, and highlights learners in the 15th percentile and below with red underlining. For example, the screenshot below highlights a learner with 13.5 attempts per problem correct, meaning that he is trying problems over and over again before reaching the correct answer.


A table shows data with rows for each learner. Columns show learner-level metrics, including data on problem attempts, as well as discussion forum and video engagement.


Identifying Committed and Successful Learners

Learners in the 85th percentile and above are shown with bold, green formatting (also pictured in the screenshot above). This allows you to identify learners who are among the most active and successful in the course.

Read the full documentation to learn more about Learner Analytics and how you can use it!