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Shaken, not stirred. ChatGPT built into the Open edX platform for an enterprise L&D platform case study by DataArt:

No doubt ChatGPT should be used for education purposes. But when it comes to enterprise in-house solutions, there are two showstoppers: AI-generated mistakes (“hallucinations”) and data privacy.

In DataArt’s presentation, you will learn how their team uses ChatGPT in DataArt’s internal Open edX-based platform and how they addressed the two above mentioned critical limitations.

Additionally, Edly by Arbisoft, an Open edX Partner, will showcase how to leverage generative AI to improve learning outcomes and student engagement quickly, using cost effective strategies. In doing so, Edly by Arbisoft will share findings on the most promising use cases of Generative AI, discuss the challenges and their mitigation strategies, and elaborate on how much it can cost to make use of these large language models.

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