Annoto brings all the advantages of a physical classroom to the online virtual learning environment, allowing users to have a voice and form a social learning community.

Annoto enables your course participants to add time-based annotations as an overlay to any video and page content, turning passive content consumption into an active and collaborative learning experience, while providing you actionable insights on the students and content delivered.

Annoto covers all your different use cases involving video content, such as student assignments, skills development, collaborative learning, guided watching, peer review, and many more. 

Annoto works within the Open edX environment and activities (without redirecting the instructor outside of the Open edX environment).


Building a learning community around your content.

lnstructors can receive time-based questions, respond to them, and enrich every moment in the video to better gauge interest. Students can communicate with one another and share information – through comments or questions, links to related videos, and so on.

Personal Notes

Enabling users to add private notes to reflect on the video content, add bookmarks to reach the important moments quickly, and add additional information (e.g. weblinks) to any specific moment within the video. Learners can use it as a personal journal throughout the course and download it for later use.

Shed light on your video content and user performance using all the data generated by users.

Actionable Insights

Annoto’s insights dashboard analyzes and displays actionable insights on the learners, video content, and effectiveness of the courses.

lnstructors can learn valuable information on the learners’ activities, identify at-risk learners and prevent dropouts, improve the learning process, and better understand the overall learning outcome.

Annoto is working with the top leading universities and organizations in the world, such as NYU, Georgia Tech, the University of Utah, and OECD.

Positioned at the most critical place of the learning system, between the user and the video content, Annoto gives the ability to impact the user learning process and the video content delivered.

Link to a case study from a Multiculturalism and Cultural Diversity Course (MOOC) on Open edX (Campus IL)  [Article 5 min read]

The Introduction to Multiculturalism and Cultural Diversity Course was designed to create a unique, active learning experience by using cutting-edge technology together with collaborative learning to make students from different cultures and ethnic groups not only learn about multiculturalism, but actually experience it.

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