eduNEXT Is a long time established Open edX provider and community contributor, that delivers fully featured and cost efficient Solutions and support services both in the cloud and in dedicated installations. 

With edunext’s solutions your team will spend less time and effort getting familiar with the Open edx platform.  Just think how much money can you save if you take out the tedious work to understand the platform and just enjoy the process of managing it, side by side with experts that have more than 9 years powering education with Open edx.  With our products and services we’ve saved companies thousands of dollars per year, while extending the global reach or their online courses.

Our Hosted SaaS subscriptions (Nimbus SaaS) or On premise solutions (Stratus SaaS) provide:

  • Complete functionality: All the power of the latest stable releases of the platform, including the open edX LMS, Studio, edX e-commerce, edX insights, multiple additional Xblocks, and the mobile apps in more than 20 supported languages.
  • Extended self service capabilities: Self service branding and configuration options, and powerful extension capabilities from the exclusive edunext  Control center.
  • Scalable hosting. Multiple options, including the edunext cloud in AWS data centers in North America or Europe, the customer’s AWS cloud anywhere or even a private infrastructure.
  • Convenience. Hassle free setup, flexible configuration and extension options and maximized cost efficiency. 
  • Professional Support: Guaranteed 24/7 service performance and a team of experts by your side to help move your initiatives forward.

Get the most out of Open edX with a reliable technology partner and take your online courses to the next level.

Some of our exclusive products and contributions :

  • edunext  Control center. A powerful multi user console to organize and manage your Open edX platform configuration, branding, contents, customizations and integrations as well as a centralized place to access documentation and support.
  • edunext Distro. An edunext enhanced open source distribution of open edX. With key additional capabilities for multi-tenancy (eox_tenant), configurable branding (eox_theming), additional management APIs (eox_core), flexible tagging (eox_tagging), support tools, edunext long term support, and more. 
  • Open edX – WordPress – woocommerce integrator. A wordpress plugin to use Open edX integrated with a WordPress CMS and enhance the user experience while exploring or purchasing the courses. 
  • Tutor Version Manager. A useful tool for Tutor. It manages Tutor versions and enables switching between them as we are all used to with virtual environments for Python.
  • Open edX events and Open edX filters. Implementation of the necessary tooling and definitions used by the Hooks Extension Framework to manage the events and filters execution. 
  • Secure Exam Browser Plugin. An application to carry out e-assessments safely by enforcing the user of the SEB browser. It turns any computer temporarily into a secure workstation, controlling access to resources like system functions, other websites, and applications, and preventing unauthorized resources from being used during an exam.

Flow Control Xblock. A multi unit conditional xblock that provides a way to display the content of a unit or to redirect the user elsewhere based on compliance with a condition that evaluates the submission or the score of a problem or a set of problems.