IBL Education – Official Partner of the Open edX platform, Google and Amazon Web Services

Generative AI will bring the greatest change to education we have ever seen via fully personalized content and tutoring with a 1:1 teacher-to-student ratio. By building on large language models (LLMs) from Google, OpenAI and the growing open source ecosystem, IBL develops customized indexes, conversational interfaces, courses and predictive analytics.

Introduction from IBL Education’s CTO, Miguel Amigot

What is ibleducation.com offering?

Built on Open edX and generative AI, IBL Education powers NVIDIA, Tesla, Cisco, MIT, DoD, IBM, University of Illinois, WGU, and NASA. Running hosted or on premise with no vendor lock-in.

  • Content authoring and search engine: courses, programs, pathways and external resources
  • Chatbots: empower AI mentors via large language models such as ChatGPT
  • Credentials: certificates of completion, mastery, micro-credentials and badges
  • Analytics: descriptive and predictive engagement, performance, financial, skills and web data
  • Monetization: sell one-time and subscription products
  • Social network: establish learning communities for career advancement
  • Custom integrations: UI/UX, data and integrations

Meet IBL Education
Would love to meet you virtually or in person at our studios in New York City! Please contact us at
partner@ibleducation.com or find us in the following places:

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