Experience the Open edX LMS like never before: Introducing the Abstract Technology’s sandbox

You want to have a hands-on experience of the Open edX LMS without having to set up the environment from scratch? Then you have to read this blog post until the end.

Try out an Open edX sandbox!

This immersive experience allows you to explore the platform’s basic features and functionalities from both the learner and the course author perspective. Now you can explore and try the Open edX LMS without any need to create and configure your own environment. It’s easy because you don’t need any authentication process, just register with an email address and start playing.

Visit the Sandbox

Liberty to use the Sandbox

The sandbox has been provided by keeping the interest of Open edX LMS users in mind. You being a user can utilize the sandbox primarily for learning and evaluation purposes ONLY. Kindly note, it should not be used in any productive or commercial manner.

Benefits of an Open edX LMS Sandbox

In general, a sandbox serves as a secure and isolated testing environment where applications can be tested without being afraid of causing damage. Similar to a child’s sandbox where they can play without damaging the surrounding area, the Open edX sandboxes provides a safe haven for experimenting the LMS’s features for creating unique online learning experiences.

Here are some benefits our Open edX sandbox offers:

  • No Commitment: You can explore the Open edX platform without any obligation to purchase or payment. Only keep in mind that the Sandbox will reset every day at 00:00 UTC.
  • Risk-Free Experimentation: Test different functions and features without worrying about messing anything up. The sandbox is automatically reset to zero every 24 hours and all contents added during the day are deleted.
  • Immersive Learning Experience: Experience the latest Open edX release as a learner and as a course author to gain a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities.
  • Learning by doing: Explore the Open edX platform’s features, dive into its functionalities, and understand how the learning management system works in a real-world context. Experience the Open edX platform and its latest release without any guesswork and assess if the software solution matches your requirements.

Watch the introduction videos and learn how to use the Open edX sandbox:

The key features of Abstract Technology’s Open edX Sandbox:

Experience the Open edX platform like never before. Start now!

Step into the Learner’s Shoes

As a learner, you can enroll in courses, browse through the course catalogue, and engage with course content just like your target audience would do in your future Open edX installation. You will be surprised by the intuitive and streamlined user interface and the interactive learning experience that the Open edX platform offers.

Trial the Course Author’s Role

The Open edX LMS comes with a built-in authoring tool (better known as Open edX® Studio), which facilitates and streamlines the creation and management of your online courses and content. Our Open edX sandbox provides you with the opportunity to experience the course authoring process first-hand. Create courses, add content, manage assignments, and explore the basic features and functions — all within a secure and ready environment based on the Open edX PALM release.

Abstract Technology’s Open edX Sandbox and the Discussion Forum

Advanced Components in Abstract Technology’s Open edX Sandbox

Virtual Classroom Sessions in Abstract Technology’s Open edX Sandbox

Ready to Embark on Your Open edX Journey?

Access the Open edX sandbox today and discover the power of the open source learning management solution, the Open edX platform yourself. Whether you’re a project manager, content creator, or representer of a company or an educational institution seeking new learning opportunities and eager to share your expertise; Our test environment is the perfect place to get started. Visit the Sandbox today!

Explore our E-learning Services

As you will explore the Open edX sandbox of Abstract Technology, we invite you to also get in touch with them. As a long-standing Open edX Partner and active open source community member, they know the digital learning solution very well and are happy to advise you according to your project needs.

The Importance of a Continuous Feedback Loop

Your opinion is very important to us! Only with your feedback we can continuously refine our services and products and tailor them to the needs of our customers and prospects. If you want to share some feedback please use the contact form.

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