Case Study by Annoto

The Introduction to Multiculturalism and Cultural Diversity Course created by Talpiot College of Education for Campus IL, Israel’s national digital learning platform powered by Open edX, was designed to create a unique, active learning experience, by using cutting edge technology, combined with collaborative learning, to make students from different cultures and ethnic groups, learn about multiculturalism, while experiencing it real time. The target audiences for this course are students at academic institutions, employees in social sectors, and the public at large.

About the Course:

The course uses virtual worlds (VW) and collaborative online learning to
not just understand cultural diversity, but to experience complex issues related to our lives, such as identity, culture, prejudices, and stereotypes, for the purpose of reducing racism and building empathy.

Students first build knowledge through sharing experiences, next they experience the issues through simulations and role plays in VW. The learner is introduced to the academic material through interactive animated videos within their small group, and then reflect on the process.

Annoto in the Course:

Annoto was an integral part of the course by enabling learners to build knowledge through sharing experiences, based on a variety of situations, presented to them in the video content, which created an active learning experience, while helping such learners to develop empathy towards their fellow students from other cultures.

Analytics and Insights:

88% of the students collaborated: asked questions, replied to others, and shared thoughts and insights. The Annoto Dashboard provided cohort-based insights into students’ participation in sharing their experiences, as well as how it engaged their fellow students. It also allowed to track the students’ progress and the completion of their assignments.

About Annoto

Annoto’s mission is to empower people to share knowledge and learn digitally together. They are changing the way organizations connect and communicate in an increasingly digital content world and setting a new standard by shifting the experience from a passive, lean-back moment to an active, lean-in, personalized, data-rich experience, both within education and enterprise.

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