Traditional Learning Management Systems have made the development and release of course content simpler and faster. Qualified authoring tools, like Articulate 360, Captivate Prime, and Open edX Studio, make that development even easier. But when it comes to things like version control and creating copies of your courses, some tools are more helpful than others.

The Open edX platform doesn’t rely on SCORM or xAPI for the creation of your course content, instead, you can leverage the built-in course authoring tools available in Open edX Studio to author your content. When it comes to creating new versions of an existing course, whether it’s because the new course is taking place at a different time or because you need to modify the content without disrupting your original course, the Re-Run feature in Open edX Studio is a lifesaver. 

The Re-run Course button is a great feature to quickly and easily create a duplicate copy or new offering of an existing course in your instance of Open edX Studio

What are Re-Runs in the Open edX LMS?

Re-Runs are a fast, convenient way to reuse your course for a new batch of learners. When you rerun a course, all the content, advanced settings, updates, and grading policies will be copied over to the new course run, whereas none of the user data will be carried across.

This means you can offer the same course to a new group of Learners while reusing all of your content. This can be helpful if you are offering the same course at different times, for example per semester, or if you simply want to take an existing course and improve it for a new audience.

You can watch the video below to see how to Re-Run courses in Open edX Studio.

Who Can Re-Run Courses: As long as you are a Course Team member of the original course, you can make a Re-run of it. To re-run a course, simply visit the Open edX Studio home page, find the existing course that you wish to Re-Run, and click the Re-Run Course button. 

Version Differences: Any changes that you make to your original course after the Re-Run has been made will not be reflected in the Re-Run version of the course, so make sure your original course is ready before making a Re-Run.

What Is Required to Create a Re-Run: You can optionally edit the Course Name and Organization but you are required to change the Course Run. The Course Number will be the same as the original course that you are creating a Re-Run of and cannot be changed.

Get Started

Ready to create your first Course or make a Re-Run? You can get started by signing up for the free Open edX sandbox today. Once you’ve taken the Open edX platform for a spin, we recommend connecting with an Open edX provider from the Open edX Marketplace to help install, host, and customize your OPen edX instance.