Earlier this year, we launched the first phase of the Copy & Paste feature, which allowed authors to copy and reuse course components (text blocks, video blocks and problem blocks) from one course to another. With the release of phase two, authors will also be able to copy and reuse course units from one course to another. Authors no longer need to create content from scratch when they want to reuse it in another course, such as reuse of evergreen content. This saves time and improves efficiency.

Authors can utilize the unit copy-past functionality from one of two places:

  1. From the Course Outline page
  2. From the Unit page

From the Course Outline page, authors can copy a unit by clicking the triple dot menu at the top of the unit block and selecting “Copy to Clipboard”.

When building a subsection in the course outline, an option to “Paste Unit” appears:

From the Unit page, authors can copy a unit by clicking on the “Copy Unit” button in the right-hand sidebar.

Authors can then paste the unit into any subsection via the new “Paste as New Unit” dropdown modal in the top horizontal navigation. Authors can also paste Units copied from the Unit Page into the Course Outline, and vice versa.

Copy & Paste for components are both available in the Open edX Quince Release.