At edX, we’re very proud of our involvement in various open source communities and projects. And given our dependency on Python and Django, it’s no surprise that much of our open source work is in these communities. JetBrains’ PyCharm Blog was kind of enough to interview 2 of our own, Ned Batchelder and Robert Raposa, two names that long-time Open edX community members will no doubt be familiar with. 

In this interview with Robert Raposa and Ned Batchelder, software architects at edX, we’re going to look under the hood of the edX project, where more than 95% of the entire codebase is in Python. Robert is a core contributor to the Open edX LMS and Studio products, as well as their supporting infrastructure. Ned is on the Open edX team, advocating for the community using the software. We’re going to learn about the project, how they develop, what their technology preferences are, and some of the reasons they chose Python as the main language. Many edX core developers are using PyCharm, so we’ll also learn what developers value the most in it.

It’s a nice interview that gives the reader much insight into how Open edX works. If you’re new to Open edX, you’ll likely learn something new. If you’re not new to Open edX, you’ll probably still learn something new.

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