Blend-ed enables educational institutions to design and offer superior online / blended learning experiences. By harnessing cutting-edge technology and instructional methods rooted in cognitive science, Blend-ed elevates engagement and educational outcomes of your organization.

This flexibility allows institutions to enrich their courses with a range of dynamic tools and content, from interactive videos and simulations to AI-driven mentoring, gamified modules, live classes, virtual labs, and discussion boards.

Designed with both students and educators in mind, the platform not only enhances engagement but also empowers educators, allowing the organization to stay ahead of the curve, streamline administrative processes, reduce operational costs, and improve course completion rates.

Beyond SaaS solutions, Blend-ed stands as the trusted experts in Instructional designing, Open edX consultation, installation, and bespoke customization to meet any educational requirement.

Blend-ed LMS

Premier SaaS-based LMS for online/blended education, built on top of Open edX software.

  • Open edX-based Learning Engine: Web, Android and iOS Applications in organzation branding.
  • Student Information System:  Streamline course registration, fee management, and administrative tasks, ensuring easy administration and organzational transparency.
  • Advanced Learner Analytics: Extensive data of attendance and problem-attempts to video engagement and interactions, presented beautifully.

Open edX Installation & Hosting by Blend-ed

Benefit from our expertise in deploying your preferred Open edX release onto a scalable and stable Kubernetes infrastructure, ensuring top-tier performance and reliability.

  • Seamless Installation: Deploy your preferred Open edX release on a scalable Kubernetes infrastructure.
  • Robust Hosting: Experience top-tier performance and reliability with our hosting solutions.

Open edX Customization with Blend-ed

Align the platform with your organization’s distinct vision and objectives.

  • CMS Integration: Integrate with platforms like WordPress.
  • XBlocks: Unique content presentation tools.
  • Integration: Sync with external systems.
  • Innovative Problem Types: Engaging quizzes and problems.
  • Gamification: Turn learning into a game.
  • Themes: Craft themes that resonate your brand.

Instructional Designing and Course Creation

Our expert team of instructional designers, psychologists, designers and developers work together to construct your courses, freeing you to focus on your core tasks.

  • Expert Team Collaboration: Work with our knowledgeable instructional designers.
  • High-Quality Training: Engaging courses tailored to your brand.
  • Time Management: Focus on what you do best while we handle course creation.

Blend-ed’s Philosophy

Harness the power of Blended Learning

Blend-ed’s approach combines the best of in-person and digital learning to create a seamless, effective, and engaging learning experience. Accommodate different learning styles, paces, and cognitive abilities.

  • Short videos, exercises, simulations, games, virtual labs, and discussion boards for personalized learning
  • In-depth discussions, collaborative activities, and hands-on learning during face-to-face sessions

Who We Serve

We serve Education Organizations, Bootcamps and Higher education institutions across US, GCC and India.

Why choose Blend-ed ?

  • Global Recognition: Leverage a platform rooted in Open innovation-initiated by Harvard and MIT, and trusted by giants like Microsoft and IBM.
  • Technological Prowess: Stay ahead with our commitment to the latest in cognitive science and tech innovations.
  • Branded Learning Journey: Offer a fully branded learning experience on Web and Mobile
  • Operational Efficiency: Minimize operational overheads and enhance efficiency with our admin and automation solutions.
  • Boosted Engagement: Elevate student involvement, retention, and course completions, nurturing a vibrant learning community.
  • Scale in any direction: Effortlessly scale your operations to any size and location with our highly scalable and reliable LMS.
  • Enhanced Data: Make informed decisions to enhance courses and business operations through comprehensive data and analytics.