Thank you to everyone who participated in the Open edX Community TOC election!

The 2024 TOC election has finally concluded and the three Open edX community members, who will represent the Open edX Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) are the following:

Xavier Antoviaque, CEO of OpenCraft – User/Learner Representative

Ignacio Despujol (Nacho), MOOC Coordinator at UPV – Instructor Representative

Regis Behmo, VP of Engineering at Edly by Arbisoft – Operator & Core Contributor Representative

These Community TOC members have extensive experience within the Open edX ecosystem and will add tremendous value during their term in the Open edX Technical Oversight Committee, further guiding the technical direction of the Open edX Project.

Please help us congratulate the selected winners for the Community TOC!

We look forward to the incredible insights these members will share in an effort to further enhance and grow the global adoption rate of the Open edX platform!


Feedback Needed!

Since the election encountered some technical challenges, we would love to obtain your feedback regarding what worked and what did not, to be able to improve the process for the next election. Please submit your feedback to